The Yoshi Party is the fifth episode of Super AniMario Bros. It was released on March 10, 2020.


Mario and Luigi decide to go on vacation with Peach and the others, as they tell Yoshi and Red Yoshi to stay put. When the two leave the house, Red Yoshi and Yoshi begin thinking of what to do, as Red Yoshi begins calling his friends to hang out with him and Yoshi to create their own party as Mario and Luigi are away from the house.

As they begin their party, two others named Tatanga and Wart try to wreck the party as a whole, but several of the characters just minding their own business at the house cause the two to fail at wrecking the party (similar in a way how everyone causes SpongeBob to not get back in the house in Party Pooper Pants), eventually Wart and Tatanga try to break in, however a police toad and a police koopa troopa notice the situation as they arrest the two for what they've done.

The next day, after the party is over, Red Yoshi gets a call from Luigi stating they will be back in 30 minutes, so Yoshi and Red Yoshi try to clean up everything they remember being around at in the house during the party. 30 minutes later, Mario and Luigi get back from the house, which they ask if they were responsible for taking care of the house, which they both replied yes.

Finally, Yoshi and Red Yoshi were relieved on what just happened, however though, they hear Mario and Luigi frightened with all of the mess in room, causing them both to realize that they others went into their room, despite the fact they believed no one would enter that room as they thought they locked their door.


Voice Actors


  • This is the first episode that AzUrArInG did none of the voice acting but did the script writing in the series, this is because he finished the script before leaving the show altogether back on October 26, 2019.
  • This is the first time GFSCartoons Productions and Ressie the Jester provided voice work in the series.
  • The first time Luigi, Yoshi, and The Narrator are voiced by GFSCartoons Productions, due to AzUrArInG and SeanTheActor leaving production before the episode was even finished.
  • This is the first appearance of Henry, though off-screen, who's voiced by Adam and Friends.
    • He was originally planned to be voiced by AzUrArInG, the guy that created him, but he left production before it was even finished.
  • This marks the first time that both the protagonists and the antagonists lose in the end, as AzUrArInG felt the series was increasingly predictable.
  • This marks the first appearances of several Yoshi's, which are Orange Yoshi, Purple Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, White Yoshi, Black Yoshi, Brown Yoshi, and Lime Yoshi.
    • The reason AzUrArInG thought of having several Yoshi's appear in this episode as he knew the title was called The Yoshi Party, so it would make sense to have the party just having Yoshi's in it.
  • This marks the first appearances of the antagonists King Wart and Tatanga.
    • AzUrArInG thought of having them appear in the episode as he felt they were underrated villains from the Mario series, plus he didn't want to just have Bowser do all of the bad stuff throughout the episode.
  • This episode was made to celebrate several birthdays, most notably AzUrArInG's 16th Birthday.
  • According to a year anniversary special video of this series, Mr. 64 himself said that this was his favorite episode of his series.
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