The Blind Date is the eleventh episode of Super AniMario Bros. It was published on August 15, 2020.


Toad successfully wins a date with Toadette, but while they are going out, Koopa The Quick must look out for them because danger's still lurking 'round the corners of Bowser Junior's traps because Bowser Junior is bored and that got him the idea to cause some mischief around the Mushroom Kingdom.


Voice Actors

Adam and Friends' Original Script

  • In Adam and Friends' version there we're less people to be voicing in this episode but in AzUrArInG's version of the updated script he added more people to the script like Yoshi 244 and Super Jude.
  • In this part where Bowser barged in the hallway he originally would have said, "WHAT IS THIS JUNIOR?!!!" But AzUrArInG changed the line to make it longer and this is what he said now, "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS MESS JUNIOR?!!!"
  • In the part where Toad is reading the letter from Toadette, In Adam and Friends' version, the letter from Toadette is shorter but AzUrArInG made the letter longer to make the letter to make it feel like it's not rushed.
  • In the part where Mario had a bad feeling about the date going wrong, In Adam and Friends' version Mario and Luigi had a short conversation before Mario Leaves the house and this is what it originally played out,

Mario: I don't know about this Luigi but there's some way that something may ruin their date.

Luigi: Like what?

Mario: Anything. I need to hire someone to watch over them to stay out trouble.

(Mario runs out of the house)

Luigi: You do that bro; I'll just clean up this mess. (sigh)

But AzUrArInG made the script longer and this is how it plays out,

Mario: You know Luigi, I don’t know why Luigi, but something deep down makes me feel like there’s gonna be someone that’s gonna ruin that date.

Luigi: Uh, okay, why?

Mario: Well, you see Luigi, but like whenever something peaceful usually happens to us, we all occasionally get interrupted by like some villain, a bully, or whatever, like Bowser, or even King Wart, Tatanga, Smithy or whoever. 

Luigi: Hmmm, good point, but what are you gonna do about it, like what are you gonna do to try to prevent this, in case it ever happens, which I somewhat doubt this. 

Mario: Well I have just the plan, I’m gonna hire someone to watch over them to make sure nothing goes wrong, and I have the perfect guy that can do this, and that being Koopa the Quick, he isn’t as bad as we all thought he was, anyway, I’ll be going to his house just to see if he can do it for us, anyway cya Luigi!

Mario runs out of the house

Luigi: Alright bye Mario, and while you do that bro; (sigh) 

Cuts to a shot of Luigi at a near far distance with the mess

Luigi: I'll just clean up this mess…….great….just great….

  • In Adam and Friends' version after Koopa the Quick went on that trap Bowser Junior appears to makie fun of Toad and Toadette but he was chased off at the end but it was changed and Bowser Junior never jumped out to make fun of them he got angry and upset but he thought of an another plan and the episode keeps going to the restaurant scene.
  • In Adam and Friends' version the episode would have ended with Koopa the Quick giving Bowser Junior what he deserved by going the same way as Koopa the Quick on that trap but it was changed to Bowser giving Bowser Junior some harsh punishments and promoting John and Hermen but John ruined it by saying Koopa the Quick helped them.


  • This is the first and only episode of the series to have the story written by Sabien and Pals Animations as around production, he left around early 2020 and closed all of his social media accounts without any involvement on the script, because of this, Adam and Friends, and eventually AzUrArInG himself at one point finished the script for him.
  • This is the first time that Adam and Friends wrote the script of an episode of this series.
  • This is the first episode that was worked on by AzUrArInG after he left, he briefly returned to upgrade the script as he felt it turned out too short and felt rushed altogether.
  • This is the first episode of the series that the story wasn't written by either Mr. 64 or AzUrArInG.
  • This is the first episode of the series that the script wasn't written by either Mr. 64, or GFSCartoons Productions.
  • This marked the first appearances of Kevin and Melvin in the series.
    • Kevin was initially suppose to be appear in Here comes BOOM BOOM! but due to the scheduled release being very close by and such, he was completely removed from that episode.
  • This marked the first time Yoshi 244 had a voice role in the show, he was given the role of Kevin since AzUrArInG noticed he wasn't given any roles whatsoever despite being known as a new voice actor for the show.


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