Sabien and Pals Animations is a story writer & voice actor for Super AniMario Bros..

He was initially planned to take over most of AzUrArInG's roles after his departure, though sometime around early 2020, he deleted all of his social media account. Due to this, at the time, his only known work for the series was his voice acting of Blue Yoshi, Green Toad and The Narrator in Old Town Toad as well as the story idea for the series, The Blind Date.

However, he eventually returned a few months after his departure and started voicing some minor characters.


Season 1

Title Writer Notes
Old Town Toad No Voice Actor of Blue Yoshi, Green Toad, and The Narrator
1, 2, Switcheroo! No Voice Actor of Bowser Army #2
The Blind Date Story Also Voice Actor of Kevin
Legend of the Goombas No Voice Actor of Goomba #2


  • Sabien and Pals Animations was the first voice actor of the series that joined the series after a few episodes were released, joining the series around August 2019.
  • Sabien and Pals Animations was one of the only two crew members that previously left the show only to return at a later time, the other being AzUrArInG.
    • Although AzUrArInG only briefly returned just to try and give Mr. 64 advice and some stuff to help improve his show before leaving to work on his own creations again, whereas Sabien and Pals Animations decided to stay working at the show.
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