Red Yoshi is the older brother of Green, Blue & Yellow Yoshis, and one of the five tritagonists in Super AniMario Bros.


Red Yoshi is a somewhat wise Yoshi who occasionally can act rude and irresponsible, but is deep down nice. He likes to hang around with his family, including his two Yoshi brothers and his Yoshi sister. He also wants to become a singer and songwriter in the future.


Red Yoshi is shown to be a regular Yoshi but with the color red. However, Red Yoshi's also shown to have Blue and Yellow like Shoes, along with orange spines on the back. He also is shown to have some white portions of his body like most Yoshis tend to have. As well as a small red saddle with the outer layer being white.


Red Yoshi is shown to be quite smart and energetic, he also tries to do what's best for his family and goes to see if anyone's alright and such. He can also be occasionally kind to others, whether it's his family or not. He also tries to warn anyone about anything bad that he thinks might happen such as warning his younger brother Yoshi about Koopa the Quick in FootRaced.

He's also a huge fan of singing and wants to become a songwriter and singer in the future, as he began making music such as Fast & Stat in SongRighter!

Although, despite his kind attitude, there are the rare occasions in which he would sometimes act irresponsible and disobedient, this can mostly be seen in The Yoshi Party in which he disobeys Luigi's rules by hosting an entire party and ignoring with what Yoshi said earlier in the episode.

He can also act a bit rude at times such as telling his own younger sister to shut up at one point in SongRighter!

List of Appearances

Season 1


  • Red Yoshi's voice is actually Mr. 64's natural speaking one.
  • Red Yoshi's birthdate is actually the same exact one as Mr. 64's.
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