~ This episode is not released yet, which means there may be spoilers; read at your own risk.~

Race Ahead Into Your Dreams! is the third episode of season 2 of Super AniMario Bros. and the 16th episode overall.


Toad visits the dreams of others.


Voice Actors


  • This episode is based off of the season 1 SpongeBob episode Sleepy Time.
  • This originally was planned as the 6th episode of Flamedeck Insanity which involved Red Flaming Spike Ball going into several characters' dreams after waking up from his own dream, since Mr. 64 let him use The Pains of Flying! for his own show after scrapping it, AzUrArInG made it even by giving Mr. 64 one of his own scrapped ideas from the same exact show he asked the former episode for.
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