A list of episodes of Super AniMario Bros.

List of Episodes

Season Episodes Episode Published (Worldwide date)
Season premiere Season finale
1 12 May 30, 2019 TBA

Season 1: 2019-2020

Episode # Image Title Director Story Script Producer Episode published


Bowser's Bank Robbery
Bowser's Bank Robbery Mr. 64 AzUrArInG Mr. 64
Kyoumi_ naine
Mr. 64 May 30, 2019
Bowser robs a bank in Mushroom City by causing an uproar!


FootRaced Mr. 64 Mr. 64 Mr. 64 Mr. 64 June 30, 2019
Yoshi is challenged by Koopa The Quick in a 1 vs 1 race!


Old Enemies, New Friends
Old Rivals, New Friends Mr. 64 Mr. 64 Mr. 64
Mr. 64 August 30, 2019
The Mario Brothers visit The Wario Brothers, but everything does not turn out as it was planned...


Here Comes Boom Boom!
Here comes BOOM BOOM! Mr. 64 AzUrArInG Mr. 64
Mr. 64 October 31, 2019
In his latest attempt to destroy Mario and Luigi and to kidnap the Princess, Bowser uses the assistance of a koopa known as Boom Boom, all with disastrous results, either due to the koopa's incompetence or aggressive nature.


The Yoshi Party!
The Yoshi Party Mr. 64 AzUrArInG AzUrArInG Mr. 64 March 10, 2020
Red Yoshi throws the biggest party of 2020, called #TheYoshiParty.


Old Town Toad
Old Town Toad Mr. 64 Mr. 64 Mr. 64 Mr. 64 TBA
Toad makes a bet with Yoshi in a pentathlon race, and the loser has to stream Old Town Road until it re-appears in The Official MK Top 40.


Yoshi's Birthday!
Yoshi's Birthday! Mr. 64 Mr. 64
Mr. 64's Mother
Mr. 64 Mr. 64 TBA
It's Yoshi's 15th birthday, but everyone is quarantined, except for 1 mean Koopa!


Daisy! Mr. 64 Mr. 64 Mr. 64 Mr. 64 TBA
Luigi's love of his life comes back from the Plush Dimension, and Bowser plans his scheme to kidnap her ...


A Job 4 Wario
A Job for Wario Mr. 64 Mr. 64 GFSCartoons Productions Mr. 64 TBA
Waluigi persuades Wario to get a job, but no matter how hard he tries, Wario gets fired so many times!


1 2 Switcheroo
1, 2, Switcheroo! Mr. 64 AzUrArInG GFSCartoons Productions Mr. 64 TBA
Bowser sneaks into the Mario's house while they're asleep as Bowser switches bodies with himself and Mario. Later on, Bowser, inside Mario's body, tries managing ways to make Peach


TBA The Blind Date! Mr. 64 Sabien and Pals Animations Adam and Friends
Mr. 64 TBA
Toad successfully wins a date with Toadette, but while they are going out, Koopa The Quick must look out for them because danger's still lurking 'round the corners of Bowser Junior's traps because Bowser Junior is bored and that got him the idea to cause some mischief around the Mushroom Kingdom


TBA Legend of the Goombas Mr. 64 AzUrArInG GFSCartoons Productions
Mr. 64 TBA
Mario and Luigi are wondering how Goombas are wondering around the Mushroom Kingdom and Toadsworth explains everything before Toadsworth goes insane at the end making up other reasons on how Goombas were created.
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