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John is one of the supporting antagonists of Super AniMario Bros..


John is one of Bowser's workers in the castles, he's shown to be extremely angry and bossed around and sometimes just slacks off heavily.


John's shown to have some sort of anger issues, and also is somewhat of a manchild, as he sometimes cries loudly whenever someone yells at him. He also deep down hates his boss Bowser and only joined because his parents kept telling to him to go and get a job. He also gets annoyed with what Herman makes him go through at times, though he sometimes is good friends with him, despite the two's annoyances from one and another.

He's also quite dumb at times as he would occasionally screw up the plans or even explain how they managed to do it which shows they rarely did anything, which angers Herman a lot. John's also shown to slack off a lot, such as him constantly watching TV, primarily to watch romance films, such as Twilight, which he finds to be some of the best stuff he's seen in his life.

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