Herman is one of the secondary antagonists of Super AniMario Bros.


Herman is one of Bowser's workers in the castles, he's shown to constantly try his best to work very hard and be one of the best workers, sadly, occasionally this would all get ruined, mainly by his sidekick's antics, or even his own boss.


Herman is usually annoyed with a lot of the things that are going around him, such as Bowser's bossy attitude, John's angry manchild attitude, etc. which is why he sometimes occasionally would dislike them at times, as he only worked for Bowser just to get some money and hopefully be seen as an strong and smart Koopa around the world, sadly this doesn't come off well, not only due to the other's action and stuff around him, but at times, he would slack off and just watch some TV.

Despite these issues, he's still shown to be quite smart occasionally, as he's the one who manages to figure out a lot more things compared to his sidekick John and his boss Bowser, such as the plans he gave to Bowser, as well as explaining some character's abilities and all.

List of Appearances

Season 1


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