Here comes BOOM BOOM! is fourth episode of Super AniMario Bros.. It was published on October 31, 2019 to coincide with the release of Luigi's Mansion 3.


In his latest attempt to destroy Mario and Luigi, Bowser uses the assistance of an agressive turtle known as Boom Boom, all with disastrous results, either due to its' incompetence or aggressive nature.


Voice Actors

Original AzUrArInG Version


  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, after the scene of Boom Boom doing nothing with the hoodie and such Luigi begins explaining that he and Mario should get ready to get to Peach's castle by saying "Whatever, anyway we should get going to Princess Peach’s castle, we don’t want to be late for the tea party!" with Mario replying "The Boston Tea Party?" as Luigi replies "*sigh* No Mario, I meant that Princess Peach is having a tea party and we were invited to go there, remember?" with Mario replying "Oh yeah, I forgot, well I’m such a silly boy!" as Luigi says "Now, Let's Go!" as they run to get to Peach's castle. It was eventually cut due to LilySketch not recording her lines once RYR99 was making his version of the script.
  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, once Mario and Luigi arrive at Peach's castle, as Mario explains that he was beginning to feel impatient but he interrupts his own message after seeing the mess the castle is like, as Toadsworth explains someone has kidnapped the princess and made an entire mess, with Mario explaining who, with Luigi jokingly saying "It was Dwane Johnson, WHO DO YOU THINK IT WAS MARIO!?" as Mario replies "Actually, that does kinda make sense!" with Luigi saying "Yeah no crap Mario! Now let’s go!", as they leave. It was cut due to the similar reasons with the previously deleted scene.
  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, Bowser is seen running with Peach in a bag while Bowser's shown to be extremely excited however, he soon notices Boom Boom with his hoodie covering his entire face, he gets all angry and such and questions how Mario and Luigi knew what would stop his rampage.
  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, Luigi wonders how he can defeat Boom Boom, as Bowser took the hoodie with him, however this was all completely removed due to RYR99 trying to release it at his supposed planned schedule.


  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, there wasn't any narrator at all in the episode, this is mainly because hated the Narrator in the series and felt didn't need one, plus the original version instead cut to Bowser complaining about what happened before as he says "How, HOOOOWWW IS THIS POSSIBLE!?!?!?!?!? MY PLANS HAVE FOILED AGAIN!!!!!" however the diallogue was slightly changed to "Bowser: How, HOOOOWWW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?!?! MY PLANS HAVE BEEN RUINED FOR A SECOND TIME!", but also adding the narrator and Bowser hearing it all and such.
  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, John the Goomba told to him shut up as he was watching Twilight by saying "Shut up, I’m trying to watch Twilight!" with Bowser replying "SHUT UP YOU, I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID TWILIGHT MOVIE, THAT MOVIE SUCKS ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!" as John runs away crying, however this was all changed with John watching the Top 40 Best Songs on his AIR TV as he says "Bowser, can you shut your fangs?! I am trying to watch The Official MK Top 40; Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Aitch, and Jaykae may seal the top spot for a 5th week." with Bowser replying "How about you find yourself some arms, oh wait, you haven’t got any, (laughs)" with John running away crying.
  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, Bowser was thinking of the plan himself until he finally came up with a solution as he decides to buy a creature from a pet store as Herman, a shop owner, explains to him what he's like and his name being called Boom Boom as Bowser thanks him before walking out with Boom Boom near his arm with some hoodie hiding his face, once Bowser briefly checks his face to see how mean he is, he then gets attacked by Boom Boom constantly, this was entirely changed with Herman and John being partner like minions being sent to go find a creature from a pet store as they look around and find Boom Boom before Boom Boom beats up Herman, before cutting to them giving him to Bowser at the castle, explaining what's he likes, with Bowser briefly checking his face to see how mean he is, he then gets attacked by Boom Boom constantly.
  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, Bowser explains that now that Mario and Luigi are being distracted by Boom Boom attacking them, he eventually plans to kidnap Peach as he explains that he won't be a loner at all, with another minion of his named Harry, who was meant to be a piranha plant, explains by saying "You know kidnapping isn’t going to help at all with your problems, just saying!", before Bowser yells and gets upset as he says "SHUT UP, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT FEELS TO BE LIKE ME!!!!!"
  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, Luigi says "Ok seriously, how in the living of mushrooms can we stop this stupid orange-headed turtle." while he and Mario are being chased by Boom Boom, however this was slightly changed to which Luigi says "OK, How in the living mushrooms can we stop that orange headed turtle?"
  • In the original AzUrArInG version of the script, after Mario sees a hoodie, Luigi explains "Pfft, imagine if I just throw that ridiculous hoodie, cause that would be funny, since I’d love to see his stupid reaction of him getting that hoodie stuck on his head!" with Mario replying "Good Thinking Bro!" with Luigi replying back "Luigi: Wait, that was only a joke you-" before being interrupted as Mario throws the hoodie perfectly at Boom Boom's head as Luigi questionally asks, "Ok how did that land perfectly!? *sigh* Whatever let’s just see what he does!" with it cutting to Boom Boom doing absolutely nothing with the hoodie covering his entire face as it cuts back to Luigi as he questionably says at Boom Boom "Uh, you’re gonna do anything?" with it cutting back to Boom Boom doing nothing because of it, with it cutting to Mario saying "Mario: Awww, I wanted to see him rage out..." However it was all with Mario throwing the hoodie after Luigi's first line of the scene having it being interrupted when he was about to say the word "funny".
  • Once Mario tells him to stay to fight against Boom Boom as Mario runs to go save Peach and stop Bowser, Luigi says "Ok then, whatever I guess! Besides, it all makes a whole lot of sense for Mario to save the Princess to get all the love he totally deserv-" before some audience member who was suppose to be a black silloutte tells him "Can you shut up and just fight already! I’m getting bored around here!", with Luigi ending it off by saying "*sigh* Fine!" as the fight begins, this was changed with Luigi having more dialogue at the near end, as well as removing any involvement of Peach and add some character to promote a new voice actor at the time.

The Disastrous Production Changes

After Old Rivals, New Friends was finished and released on August 31, 2019, with several ideas being done and finished around August 2019 and beforehand. Mr. 64 delayed several episodes once again with their schedules being pushed slightly back by a month due to Old Rivals, New Friends took forever.

While this was going on, there were two episodes to be on the works that were planned as upcoming, AzUrArInG's Here comes BOOM BOOM!, and Mr. 64's A FreezeFlamy Halloween, while the series was mainly working on those two episodes, AzUrArInG finished the original version of the script around mid August 2019.

While Mr. 64 and AzUrArInG were talking about the episodes, Mr. 64 tried making the two episodes being put together as one entire episode, but AzUrArInG didn't like that idea and thought of just having the Halloween Special go first and have Here Comes Boom Boom! come after, which led to some issues going on with the two as Mr. 64 kept making decisions that AzUrArInG didn't like.

Eventually, Mr. 64 decided to go with what AzUrArInG thought of, but made the Halloween Special very short but also have it take place after Here Comes Boom Boom! but released beforehand. Mr. 64 finished the script around late September 2019 as he gave the script to the voice actors on September 30, 2019.

When AzUrArInG and a few others saw the script and was completely embarrassed by it and thought it was very nonsensical and weird, although he recorded his lines for the episode, he never sent them to Mr. 64 himself, and showed it to FreezeFlame22 (since it was mainly about the main characters dressing up as Carl characters for Halloween) just to show him how awful it was, he agreed as the two thought it would be best for Mr. 64 to just cancel the episode as AzUrArInG told him which Mr. 64 agreed to do so.

Eventually, Mr. 64 began editing AzUrArInG's original vision of the script with him keeping mostly everything intact, though added random stuff such as a character voiced by one of the new voice actors that were hired by Mr. 64, Adam and Friends, into the series.

However, when the editing and animating was on the works, due to it being closer to end of time, Mr. 64 such as cutting out parts such as the involvement of Peach, Toadsworth, and several other characters AzUrArInG originally had in mind with Mr. 64 keeping the scene he put in, this angered AzUrArInG as he complained how he didn't like how Mr. 64's changes and how he executed them in a poor way.

Eventually, he left on October 26, 2019 with several leftover stories of the series he had created, with one episode having it's script unfinished, although AzUrArInG himself later finished it for Mr. 64 after he left the show, with Trashy Koopa and Lily Sketch shortly leaving the show presumably as well.

When the episode was released on October 31, 2019, AzUrArInG found out that Boom Boom and Pom Pom were actually sisters than lovers by a fan of Mr. 64, which embarrassed him heavily, especially since he was credited for the story of the episode, as he then explained about his embarrassment about the scene alone.

After the episode was released, Mr. 64 removed the schedules, which delayed the episodes even more, with the COPPA controversy coming around, causing Mr. 64 to delete both of his channels and move to other websites, causing several of his videos to go completely missing.

On top of that, around December 2019, SeanTheActor would leave the show as well, however it was mainly due to his mental health rather than him disliking the stuff Mr. 64 was doing and the show itself like some of the other people. Eventually some of the new cast members such as Sabien and Pals Animations and Ultra Productions who both joined around September 2019 would shortly leave as well around early 2020, with Sabien's only known contributions being him voicing some characters in Old Town Toad as well as writing the story of the episode The Blind Date, Ultra Productions on the other hand is unknown.

However, in between January 2020, some users such as GFSCartoons Productions, who AzUrArInG convinced him and Mr. 64 to work together, and PLK, a music composer who formally worked for FreezeFlame22's works. The following month, two other users joined as voice actors such as Reesie the Jester and Yoshi 244 for the series, and Mr. 64 reinstated his YouTube channel, and deleted his Vlare, Vimeo, and Dailymotion channels in the process, shortly after production of the series resumed, finishing and releasing The Yoshi Party as the 5th episode of the series due to it being the most complete during the entire disastrous production change.


  • This was the final episode that AzUrArInG did voice work as he left the show on October 26, 2019, almost a week before the episode was released, this was mainly because he wanted to work on his own series, as well as several creative differences with himself and Mr. 64.
  • This would be the final episode that Trashy Koopa provided voice work in the series, as she would leave around the same time as AzUrArInG did around October 2019.
  • This would be the first episode that Adam and Friends provided voice work in the series.
  • Starting with this episode, major changes of the series were made.
    • Some of the characters personalities have been changed, such as making Mario more dimwitted, and also a bit gluttonous, Luigi more smarter, brave, sarcastic, and also a bit of a jokester, as well as making Bowser more childish, idiotic, and a huge crybaby, from time to time, and much more.
      • The reason for this was because AzUrArInG, the co-creator of the series, didn't like how the series was trying so hard to closely resemble the games, especially since he felt the characters before hand were bland.
    • Luigi's voice is slightly different starting with this episode as AzUrArInG didn't like the voice that he provided for Luigi from the first three episodes, so he changed it (although one line of Luigi's from the previous episode was done after AzUrArInG thought of changing it).
  • Mario's voice was changed to sound more high pitch, however unlike many of the character changes, this one was thought up by Mr. 64 himself, instead of AzUrArInG, though this would be reverted in the following episode.
  • This marks the debut of Boom Boom and Pom Pom in the series.
    • At the near ending scene featuring Boom Boom and Pom Pom in love, it gained some controversy with those canon or seen them as what they actually were (Brother and Sister), which the story writer AzUrArInG didn't even knew they were actually that until after it was released.
  • This marks the debut of Herman and John in the series, who were fan characters created by AzUrArInG.
    • This was also the only time the two were voiced by their creator in the series who left on October 26, 2019, although the two characters would still be used in some of AzUrArInG's own videos with different designs as guest appearances.
  • This episode was originally planned to be the 5th episode of the series but due to the delay of Old Rivals, New Friends, as well as the production of FootRaced, it was made as the 4th episode instead, in order to fill in a Halloween Special for the series known as A FreezeFlamy Halloween, but was reverted back as the 5th episode while pairing up with Old Town Toad due to Mr. 64 being slightly sick around late September, but AzUrArInG hated pairing up episodes on YouTube so it was revamped to how it was originally in a way, but was reverted as the 4th episode once the Halloween Special was cancelled as AzUrArInG and many others felt the idea and script was terrible and felt there was no way to fix it.


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