Adam and Friends (born February 11, 2003 (2003-02-11) [age 17]), is a story writer, script writer and a voice actor for Super AniMario Bros.

He currently voices Mario after Mr. 64 stepped down as the voice actor for Mario as well as voicing Toad and several other characters due to most of the original cast leaving.


Season 1

Title Writer Notes
Here comes BOOM BOOM! No Voice Actor of Adam the Red
The Yoshi Party No Voice Actor of Henry the Goomba and Officer Toad
Old Town Toad No Voice Actor of Toad, Blue Toad, Red Toad and Orange Yoshi
Yoshi's Birthday! No Voice Actor of Mario and Officer Toad
Daisy! No Voice Actor of Mario and Parakarry
A Job for Wario No Voice Actor of Orange Yoshi, Bowser Junior and Toad
1, 2, Switcheroo! No Voice Actor of Mario
The Blind Date Script Also Voice Actor of Mario, Toad, Bowser Junior, and Parakarry (script co-written with AzUrArInG)
Legend of the Goombas No Voice Actor of Mario

Season 2

Title Writer Notes
SongRighter! No Voice of Mario and Bowser Junior
Camp O' Mario! Script Voice of Mario and Blue Toad
Return to Rogueport Yes Voice of Mario
Race Ahead Into Your Dreams! No Voice of Toad
Mario's Voiceitis Yes? Voice of Mario (story co-written with AzUrArInG)


Title Writer Notes
Project GCSE Script Voice Actor of Toad & Koopa the Quick (script co-written with Mr. 64, AzUrArInG, Criterion, GlideFan, Kobe Van Bogaert, and Ryan J. Austin)


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